The Red Tent #18

Monthly women circles in Berlin

Sunday 4th of February 2018 from 18:30 – 21:30

Monkey Temple – Karl Kungerstrasse 69, 12435 Berlin, Germany

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I invite you to join us – for an evening of dance, movement, authentic relating, inquiry, sharing & more. Together, we will be entering a space of exchange, self-love, self-empowerment and conscious communication.

Every gathering will be unique due to the selected theme, exercises, and energetics of the people and setting. The exercises will consist of a variety of verbal and non-verbal communication – having been inspired by the following:

• The world of Tantra and the nature of our “Sexual Being”
• Sexual Healing & Empowerment
• Holistic Bodywork and Thai-(Tantra) Massage
• Conscious communication, authentic relating, linguistics & language learning
• Trauma-therapy & Somatic (Body) Intelligence
• Embodiment – Containment – Pulsation – Expression
• Sound & Movement
• Conscious Sensuality
(And more..)

How I came to call this event “The Red Tent” is because long ago, Bedouin nomadic women of my Egyptian lineage would set up red tents in their camps for the women to gather at every new moon as they bled. This was a woman & children-only space for ceremonies, massage, celebration, and more.

Some years ago, I received a calling to create spaces for women to gather and share, combining traditions of the past with wonders of our current human development. Since November 2015, I have been hosting The Red Tent in Berlin.


Berlin has and continues to take me on quite a journey – of self-exploration, self-empowerment, re-sensitisation of the body, trauma healing, embodiment, containment, and becoming a fuller sensually & sexually expressed being.

I would love to share and exchange such experiences with you. Having grown up with 3 blood sisters, they surrounded me with magic and fantasy – resulting in powerful manifestations of where I am today and where my path continues to guide me.


• However much love you feel for yourself that day (and just a little more)
• However much love and compassion you feel for others
• The willingness to Be Present – for yourself and for others
• A notebook and pen for some exercises
• Warm & cosy clothes
• A bottle of water


* I agree to take full responsibility for myself
* I agree to be present – and doing what I need to come back into presence
* I agree to be honest – with myself and with others
* I agree to confidentiality


The Space can hold up to 14 people


Guided language is English/German


Regular €20
Sponsor €25
Low income €15

Feeling very blessed having such strong women around me who are still able to show themselves vulnerable when its time to do that. That is beautiful! Such a blessing for me. May all of you be blessed! 🙂
Such a nice time between women. Sooo unusual for me! its so much forgotten how it is! it was norishing for me – Thank you all <3
Ich danke dir jedenfalls sehr dafür, dass du einen so schönen, sicheren und nährenden Raum geschaffen hast für uns Frauen. Das ist echt so wertvoll! Ich fühle mich gerade sehr reich beschenkt 🙂 Ich umarme dich von ganzem Herzen ♡
Ich bin sehr beeindruckt von Deinem Mut, deiner Kraft, deiner liebevollen Art und deine Leidenschaft für das Erschaffen der “sisterhood/women’s health cicrle” als einen Weg, der uns allen so hilfreich und inspirierend sein kann. Danke dir sehr, Sahra!
Vielen Lieben Dank für deine Liebe und deine Präsenz. Schön, wie du den Raum hältst.
Thanks for such beautiful co-creation. Lot s of love and light to all of you <3
Liebe Frauen, es war soo wundervoll mit euch gestern. Danke Danke Danke!
Thank you so much for last night Sahra. You really embody so much gracefulness, beauty, sensuality and embodied wisdom that is transmitted through your presence and ancient soul. Much purity and clarity shines through you. You held the space for the group last night really well. Honored to know you sister.
I don’t know how it works, but what we did or created in this group is having the effect on me that i feel more connected to women, its easier somehow, i feel less pressure.

Sahra had planned and facilitated the evening in a way which made us explore an important theme in a gentle but profound way. She nurtured a welcoming, containing and respectful atmosphere. It was a good space to be in.


Sahra and Jasmeen created an atmosphere of openness, comfort and safety. After a very short time I felt and completely trusted that they know what they do and that things they share with us are coming from their own deep experiences. Practices we’ve done reached deeply into my fears and illusions of my existence. I managed to resolve or get closer to resolving some of the traumas stored in the body too.  I am still using a lot of what we’ve done in my daily life.

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