Coaching & Bodywork Sessions

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Coaching (Online & In-person)

Using coaching methods from Sexological Bodywork™ and BeAumArt Holistic Bodywork, this verbal communication-based session is designed to guide and support you in traveling along the mental, physical, emotional and social layers of your body – inviting in new perspectives to meet the source of your being.

Online Coaching: €25/ 45 min or €35/ 60 min
In-person Coaching: €30/ 45 min or €40/ 60 min


Opening up and softening the body with stretching and akupressure elements of traditional Thai Massage (without oil). Followed by a Pelvic Floor treatment from the Holistic Bodywork approach and moving into Yoni Massage, using aspects of Tantric Yoni Massage, Genital Meditation and Yoni Mapping.

Blossoming: €180/ 2 hours
30 min Coaching + Blossoming = €200/ 2.5 hrs


A full body experience,  including subtler traditional Thai Massage techniques, Indian Head Massage, Kashmiri, Tantra & Yoni Massage. Journeying along the body from head to toe, awakening the senses and inviting in sensitivity. Bringing awareness to the body experience, by acknowledging current feelings and sensations.

Journeying: €180/ 2 hours
30 min Coaching + Journeying = €200/ 2.5 hrs

Die Begegnung mit dir und deine Behandlung vorgestern spühre ich immer noch in mir. Deine liebevollen und intensiven Berührungen haben tiefe Spuren hinterlassen! Und das obwohl die Zeit wie im Fluge verging! Es war wie einer der allerschönsten Tänze!


Weil es uns danach die Sprache verschlagen hat, wollen wir Euch jetzt gerne noch sagen, wie sehr uns das Erlebnis berührt hat. Es war für uns das erste Mal und die Aufregung vorher hat sich schnell aufgelöst. Ihr habt eine schöne Atmosphäre geschaffen, in der wir uns sehr aufgehoben gefühlt haben. Vielen Dank!

Ede & Carolin

Many thanks for the massage earlier today, it was such a beautiful experience. The sensations I felt were a lot stronger than I imagined they’d be; it really was quite intense and incredible. I would definitely like to have another massage in the future!


I felt energy running through my body more freely, especially through my hips. I had a sense of feeling more alive and more naturally expressive. That not only was apparent to me but I also saw it in the effect I had on people I met. Your massage was a great experience for me. An energetic opening that I want to explore more.