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What is Conscious Sensuality? What are the practices that bring greater awareness and pleasure into our lives and our relationships? How can sensuality and sexuality support all aspects of our lives and our development as human beings?

In this course, participants will learn tools, practices and rituals for greater body awareness, emotional awareness, and better communication skills. We will introduce different forms of meditation that increase our capacity to witness others, self-reflection, as well as forms of emotional release and ways to generate and move energy.

We will learn archetypal qualities of touch that support a tantric form of wave orgasm, and immersion in the parasympathetic nervous system. Within our rituals, we will cultivate presence and timelessness and hold space for whatever emerges without adhering to dogma or ideology.

Furthermore, we will also be exploring other non-verbal tantric relating practices to create intimacy and to practice being seen in our more authentic, feeling and soulful natures. We will practice the alchemical art of shamanic witnessing which involves being seen in our vulnerability as well as supporting our intimate companions to deepen connection, intimacy and tantric union and to transform emotions that cause separation.

We will share the key interpersonal communication forms and approaches that support love, trust and understanding in our relationships. As we learn how to create a powerful connection to ourselves and to others, we will integrate verbal and non-verbal communication in practice sessions.

For healing, for release, for ecstasy, for humanness and imperfection, for individual growth and development of community that supports the planet and children: we invite in pleasure. This course aims to enhance your ability to expand into greater love, compassion and insight into human nature and increase your ability for shifting yourself and the world around you in accordance to your sacred intentions.

A significant part of the course is developing the ability to release fear, shame, and guilt and step into our power, presence and pleasure. Witnessing each other, we will practice authentic relating, while speaking and honouring our boundaries and desires. We will practice rituals that utilize erotic energy, sensual touch, meditation as well as communication and focus on deepening our ability to generate, integrate and absorb erotic life-force energy.

A key aspect of this course is to immerse ourselves in shared techniques and modalities so that we can realize the essence behind the forms without attachment to the forms. Participants are at choice at all moments and encouraged to seek the choices and responses that best serve their authentic interests. Attention will be placed on learning how to access the level of intimacy that is most appropriate in contact with other individuals and on creating an awareness that this will shift and change over time.

If you wish you may register with a partner as many of the exercises will be done with a partner, but this is not necessary and you can attend as a single. We usually have a good mix of singles and couples. If you register with a partner you can stay with the same partner for all exercises or switch and rotate according to desire. Same gender/sex couples are explicitly encouraged and invited. LGBTQPZ.