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Sahra offers Coaching & Bodywork sessions in Berlin based on Tantra, Conscious Sensuality & Holistic Bodywork. She hosts monthly women circles called The Red Tent and co-facilitates Tantra Massage for Women courses with Mandelmilch & Safran. She is the Berlin based manager for Conscious Sensuality events by Robert Silber, ISTA and organises Festival of Femininity as a project from the Just for Women community.

Conscious Sensuality
Temple Night

April 6th

Haus Lebenskunst, Berlin

The Red Tent
Women Circles

April 8th

Monkey Temple, Berlin

Conscious Sensuality

02. – 06. May

Landhaus Gottsdorf

of Femininity #3

June 2nd – 3rd

Spirit Berlin

Relational Being – The Retreat

6 – 13th of September 2018

Explore, Enhance and Refine your Art of Relating

We welcome you to a one week journey in the mountains of Southern Spain.

Enjoy a holiday atmosphere with like-minded people among the elements of nature.

We invite you to:

Explore the way you relate to the environment, to each other, and to your true self
Enhance your relationships, from the workplace to the bedroom
Refine your communication skills and expression – even beyond words

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